Panel Shop

In our panel shop, we specialize in creating tailored panels that combine and simplify complex processes, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of electrical systems.

Custom Panel Shop

Our panels are designed to meet your specific needs, offering a seamless integration of electrical components, control logic, programming, safety features, internal wiring, and user interfaces, all housed within a robust enclosure. We work closely with you to select the right components and design.

We understand that precise control of electrical equipment is critical, whether for large-scale industrial projects or smaller applications. Our team is adept at handling projects of any size, even when faced with tight timelines.

Let us bring your project to life. Trust us to deliver panels that enhance the productivity, safety, and performance of your electical systems or machinery.

Custom control panels play a vital role in managing and controlling electrical systems or machinery. We take pride in delivering solutions that are both innovative and reliable. From initial design, programming, and start-up assistance, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your project’s success.

We Have Everything Under Control