About Us

“Thank you for your flexibility and help assembling the miscellaneous parts for my service call. You had everything I needed to look like a hero to the customer. They were able to open on time because we were able to do a fast repair. I could not look like a hero without your help getting me the widgets I need to do the repair. I appreciate your help. Thank you.”

—Ty Elkinton, owner of Brahma Electric, Electrical Contractor

Motors and Controls started in our garage in 1978. Our founders, Pat Frostad (motors) and Don Goodnight (controls), started with the simple notion of having everything under control. As Pat’s daughter, I am the second generation at the helm. I am proud to say that we are thriving with that same simple notion.

Personally, I love facilitating other peoples’ success: our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our employees, and their families. It’s what drives me, that and our commitment to make everyone more productive.

We have six guiding values, FOURCE. They are Family, Ownership, Uniqueness, Resourcefulness, Commitment, and Enthusiasm. Our employees are empowered to have the ownership to take care of our customers, to solve problems, to be engaged and to think critically to reach unique solutions.

Supporting the manufacturing community and the facilities that we serve is important. We are members of WIM (Women in Manufacturing) and CAMPS (Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound), NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) and AHTD (Association of High Technology Distributors).

I believe in the power of voting with your dollar, as such, we shop small whenever possible. We give to our employees’ youth softball and basketball teams, to Nexus Youth and Family, and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.

We celebrate our uniqueness and enjoy doing business our way, we think you will enjoy it too!

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